A Landlady's Best Friend

Michael Patterson is at it again...charming the elderly landladies. Now it's homeowner Lovey who is so enamored of the boy editor that she's willing to give away part of her house just to keep him under her roof.

If Lovey gets half the attention of the alluring Mrs Dingel, it's no wonder that she prefers financial sacrifice to "losing" Mike. After all, as we were reminded last summer, nearly a decade after Mike left Mrs. Dingell's domicile, he still had her phone number memorized, as well as those of all her neighbors. See last summer's "I've Fallen and Can't Get Up" story arc for what we mean.

As to why Mike lavishes such attention on his landladies, that's anyone's guess. (His shocked look in today's strip suggests he's either confused by Lovey's offer or realizing that this is quickly turning into a "Mrs. Robinson" situation.) Also a mystery: Why the heck can't Mike and Deanna afford a better place? Is the cost of living in Milsborough so incredibly high that a pharmacist and a senior editor can only rent small apartments?

Rereading this, I can see how lame it is. What can I say...we've been out of commission for a few weeks. We need some time to get our sealegs back. Just like Elly will feel if she ever gets back from Mtigwhatsit.

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    Blogger josephus rex imperator said...

    Good to see you back.

    Listen, any landlady with half a brain would forgive any and all rent if that's what it took to keep a saintly Patterson under her roof.

    I just don't buy the whole Michael-Deanna relationship, though. I stick to my long-held belief that they are both suppressing their homosexuality. Certainly a sexual relationship with either of them would turn anyone gay.

    4:13 PM  
    Blogger Bill Peschel said...

    Let's not forget the cartoonist's desire never to let anything bad happen to her favorite family for so much as an instant. As fast as she introduces trouble, zoop!, away it goes.

    I can only conclude that Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood is really located in Canada.

    3:00 PM  
    Blogger Buster Bear said...

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    6:43 AM  
    Blogger mike said...

    Sorry, folks, I didn't realize the "Don't Allow Anonymous Comments" checkbox was checked. You are free to post anonymously (even you, Lynn)

    11:24 AM  

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