Pour Meilleur ou Pour Plus Mauvais

By Buster Bear
(Promoted from comments)

Do the Canadians have an anti-defamation league? Because it's about time to call in and report a disturbing trend in this "comic" strip ...

Poor Therese - our token French-Canadian. Not only is she portrayed as a total moron (for marrying someone 80 years her senior) but now she's becoming even more selfish, nasty, rude and materialistic ...

Oh well, I suppose that's what she gets for naming her kid a funny Frenchy name, and (gasp!) not letting "outside" visitors like the beloved Pattersons visit her at the hospital. Luckily, we don't have that whole hospital guest list etiquette problem here in the U.S. as we get booted out of the hospital almost as soon as the baby's born.

Prediction: Soon Lynn will shed some light on her background that will allow the Pattersons to view her with the quadruple the current level of pitying condescension.


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    Anonymous Jennifer said...

    What, no commentary about how Thesese committed the ultimate female sin of asking for money at a baby shower instead of gifts? People will be losing their shit about this one today, lemme tell ya.

    11:43 AM  
    Blogger Buster Bear said...

    Good point. To me, it's a given that Therese will be tacky & sinful because FOOB characters are either Bad or Good and must must always conform to the Rule of One Dimension.

    I'm surprised Lynn would even understand that asking for money might be tasteless, given the rampant materialism of her web site (autographed petrified dog poop from Farley, anyone)....

    12:56 PM  
    Anonymous Hypocee said...

    Ya know what? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and a bitch is just a bitch. One of my friends at college has a clone of Therese for a girlfriend, I absolutely kid you not. She's well within the "reality spectrum."

    I can see criticizing the technique of her
    characterization - that whole story thread is pretty overblown - but I see no reason to interpret her as an attack on FCs, any more than Lawrence insinuates anything about the sexuality of black(ish) people, or Dawn and Brian about Japanese descent. We've also seen hundreds or thousands of other inconsiderate or outright offensive characters in FBofW...and to the best of my recollection, none before Therese have been overtly FC. Sometimes nasty people belong to minorities too. Deal with it.

    9:17 AM  

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