A Peculiar Brand of Revenge

By Omega
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St. Elly is going to send a check, but NOT COME TO THE SHOWER! Oooh, that'll show 'em, becuase it's not really a party until Elly's in the hizzouse! That'll teach Therese to be such a greedy shrew!

By josephus rex imperator
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Ah, but Skank April is going her one better! She's going to the party--all the better to annoy the adults with her awkward 13-year-old presence--and she's bringing a schlocky present as a way of spitting in Thérèse's eye.

Elly's probably thinking, "That's my girl!"

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    Blogger mike said...

    Maybe my family were freaks, but generally for things like weddings, showers, housewarmings, etc., I wasn't really expected to provide my own gift -- ma and pa would sign for all of the kids. But, I guess Elly has made clear to April that when she gives a gift it's just from her. If April wants in on the action, she'll have to pony up for herself.

    Worth noting in frame three: Elly's errant spittle. Seal it, don't saturate it.

    9:11 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dude, Elly, she doesn't want your presence, she wants your money. So to "spite" her, you're sending her fifty bucks and not showing up.

    This woman in a genius, I tell you.

    10:31 AM  
    Anonymous Marstar said...

    Does this blog have an RSS or Atom feed? I'd like to syndicate it on LiveJournal.

    (And also: 50 Canadian dollars? How much does that come to? About $3.50, right?)

    11:34 AM  
    Anonymous marciamarcia said...

    Sadly, I can see my mother coming up with the same "revenge" plan. However, my mother is also mentally ill. So, there you go.

    And while I think out-and-out asking for money IS indeed, tacky. I can kinda see the logic. Why set up a registry for gifts you don't need? And if you just say, "hey, come over and see the baby," people are going to bring stuff and without a registry, it'll likely be a) stuff you don't need and b) ugly versions of stuff you don't need.

    12:04 PM  
    Blogger Omega said...

    LJ has gone out of her way to depict Therese as vile through-and-through, but what she doesn't seem to understand is that she's kind of undermining the realism of the strip by doing so. People are rarely so two-dimensional in real life. If Therese is truly so horrid, what did Anthony and his 70s porn star mustache see in her in the first place? Why would Mr. Perfectpants sell out his One True Love for Elizabeth to marry someone nasty who constantly dominates him and makes him miserable? If she had even one redeeming quality, it would go a long way toward explaining how this marriage exists in the first place.

    Maybe she's just really good in the sack?

    12:13 PM  
    Blogger mike said...

    Re the RSS feed question: We're looking into how this works and will post news when it's available. Thanks for the idea!

    12:29 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Heh-heh! 70s porn mustache!!! LOL!

    But if Anthony only married Therese, because she's good in the sack--what kind of person does that make him???

    Therese might have her reasons for being nastay too. Maybe they're into some kinky S&M and she's Anthony's dominatress--or maybe Anthony actually has a secret shrine build of nekkid "Lizardbreath" photos. The possibilities behind the truth are endless. :)

    7:55 PM  
    Anonymous Chica said...

    Whoops! Sorry--that was me up there. :)

    7:56 PM  
    Anonymous peep said...

    jesus christ what is so wrong with asking for money instead of crappy shit? if you already have everything, whats the point? you are just going to have to return it all anyway and find out how little they spent in the first place. this is a wise move on therese's part. no one wants to look bad, so they will send a lot of $, you know?
    Damn, my fiance and i are gettin hitched soon and we don't need anything, so we made it clear that we wanna elope to vegas, and the most apperciated wedding gift would be gamblin moolah. but now i know better...
    thank you fbofw for setting me straight!

    6:02 PM  
    Anonymous girlie said...

    To invite someone to a party and demand a gift (either money or from a registry) is tacky. When people do that then it's kind of obvious you are just invited for the gifts/money rather than for your company. It's very insincere and rude.

    I've actually known losers who do this. My husband gave his best friend three very expensive gift certificates to different places he (and the future wife) loved to shop at--plus an expensive collector's wine (the friend's wife was into wine).

    Then we flew out out of state to their wedding so my husband could be his friend's best man (no one lived in that state--the couple just wanted to marry there). Well, when we gave them the gifts, the wife acted like a little huffy bitch because we didn't buy something from her registry (she had lots of stupid things like a $100 pillow).

    Anyhow, people who don't appreciate--or can't at least put on the effort to pretend to appreciate--gifts are assholes. Not everyone has money to donate--but sentiment is real and looking for a gift is harder than returning it. It's also means more than picking something off a list or giving someone money.

    10:26 AM  

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