Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner

By Buster Bear
(Promoted from comments)

Elly is so dismayed by Therese’s lack of tact in proposing money rather than gifts that she is boycotting the baby’s shower. Hmmm. I wonder how much of that holier-than-thou indignation she’d have if she saw how her image was prostituted for money on Lynn’s hyper-capitalistic web site? Collections of (so-called) “comics”! Throw pillows! “Stylish Imprinted Apparel”! Autographed (so-called) “comics”! Stuffed animals! Calendars! Track suits! An ugly tile box for storing useless crap! Ned dolls! Petrified Farley Puke! Talk about tacky. Maybe Elly and the rest of the gang should boycott Lynn’s web site.


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