The Colour Purple, Eh?

Er. Yes. Ahem. Interesting. A young girl who gets "the look." And not just from dad either. With whom she just spent six weeks alone in the house. Hmm.

And, now, the obligatory awkward moment of silence.


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    Blogger Omega said...

    Remember a couple of months ago when John was eyeing her ass appreciatively and thinking that she "won't be invisible much longer"?

    Excuse me, I need to take a shower now.

    7:14 AM  
    Anonymous marciamarcia said...

    Omega, that's IMMEDIATELY what I thought of.


    I was going to say something more. But, no. Just *shudder*

    7:42 AM  
    Blogger The Pathetic Earthling said...

    So that's how it is in their family.

    9:10 AM  

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