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By Crumblord
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Well, NOW we know why things ... take ... so ... looooong. If hummingbirds live in one parallel universe, clearly the Pattersons live in another (smack dab in the center of it, natch) where one conversation can last for weeks.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Is anyone else disturbed by how Liz was oogling her little sister in that dress? Envious maybe? Or just wanting a piece of the action??

    4:12 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Was it me or did April's chest look a little saggy on Sunday? I think her boobs hit her waist. Makes me wonder what's holding up her graduation dress... I mean, now that she can finally hold up a strapless dress.

    6:24 PM  
    Anonymous retrovirus said...

    I think the entire family is repressing some latent oedipal urges... or something.
    Btw, hey it's Beasley from Josh's forums! *waves hi*

    11:20 PM  
    Anonymous Beasley said...

    Heh. Small world, eh?

    or is that small internet ?

    6:50 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    *looks around in paranoia* Small internet? Lynn? Aaahhhhhhhgggggg

    2:23 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Maybe April's chest looked saggy because she is wearing the one breast enhancer she had left after Edgar ate it. You know cause it would be so like April to walk around wearing anyway.

    5:57 PM  
    Anonymous marciamarcia said...

    Man, Lynn sure is hung up on that "8th Graders are getting too gussied up for graduation" thing.

    I'm starting to suspect that this trend is right up there with drugs, delinquency, and teen pregnancy as the biggest issues that are sending our youth to HELL.

    After all, you KNOW it's a bad thing if it makes Becky look halfway decent.

    8:27 AM  

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