Today's FBOFW Is Really Funny

The mind reels -- there's so much to comment on today. (e.g., Why can't Mike and Dee carry their umbrellas upstairs? Why does a tape outline empower Mike to leave his junk in front of his neighbor's doorway? Why is Melville's groin the focal point in two of the drawings? Why is Mike's peculiarly drawn head jiggling in the last frame? Is Mike clever enough to include the entryway in his part of the foyer, so the Kelpfroth's can never get in...or did he give them the door, ensuring that he and his family can never leave?)

But, since everyone's pretty much outlined the inanities of today's strip over at Foobivese, there's no reason to spend any more space rehashing them here.

But, I do want to say: I think today's strip is one of the funniest FBOFWs in the last five years.

No, it's not the "I object/objectionable" punchline. (Keep working those homonyms, Lynn; you're bound to strike gold one of these days!)

Today's laugh outloud moment is in frame 1: Our hero is busy at work, doing the Les Nessman thing. And, his thought bubble reads, "Snort, fume, grumble."

Not his voice bubble mind you. If it were the voice bubble, then it would be like the tape dispenser saying "striftt" in the same frame, yet another example of LJ's bad onomatopoeia -- which ceased to be laugh outloud funny six or seven years ago.

No, "Snort, fume, grumble" is what Mike is thinking. These are the deep thoughts bouncing around in that profound, saintly, senior editor brain of his.

Snort. Fume. Grumble.

For some of us it's hard to put our thoughts into words. For Mike, apparently, it's hard to put his thoughts into thoughts.


Makes me laugh just to think about. Yes, sir, you are truly laughable.

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    P.S.: I also like how Lynn assumes we won't get the fact that Mike is unhappy unless she -- or whoever is drawing it these days (since none of today's renderings of Michael P. show him looking the way he used to look...last week) -- gives him the classic comic strip upside down smile. Oooh, happy...he's so not!

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What's really scary is that LJ apparently thinks Michael's totally in the right.

    What a horrid, vile woman.

    Josephus Rex Imperator

    11:47 AM  
    Blogger MaryAnnTheRest said...

    Man, Mike really needs a haircut, too. THe 80s are over, Mike.

    1:27 PM  
    Anonymous oysterback said...

    I'm thrilled to see former president Martin Van Buren is living under the Pattersons. When did he move to Canada?

    1:34 PM  
    Anonymous marciamarciamarcia said...

    See, I thought that was Taft...

    And word! to the Kelpfroths being right about the crap in the foyer. Sure, they're overzealous about the noise from upstairs. But for fuck's sake...it's a public entryway. If the Pattersons want to leave stuff anywhere they please, they need to buy the old homestead now!

    1:49 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Way to go, Lynn! Once again you effectively skewer another demographic -- last time, it was French Canadians, before that it was slutty teenage gigs from broken homes, now it's child-free couples! Yes, they're unreasonable, unkind, unattractive, and have disgusting surnames.

    Yes, because you're a truly wicked person unless you choose to contribute to an overpopulated planet. If you don't have children, you are inferior and must submit to the wills of those with kids. No foyer space for you!

    11:45 PM  

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