Nothing Like Excitement

Is there anything so thoroughly exciting and enjoyable as reading about people moving around boxes? This is going to be a really great week of FBOFW! Tomorrow: putting things in drawers! Wednesday: honey, where did we put the nail clippers? Thursday: I sure hope I can live at my mommy's house someday. Friday: Let's watch the paint dry!

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    Anonymous Zigibot said...

    Yeah, it's been an exciting year this year. Here's the breakdown of what's happened, according to the archives at the FBoFW web site (which, these days is a little more interesting than the companion comic strip)

    Jan. 1 - 13, Liz breaks her leg, hangs around the house.

    Jan. 14 - 22, Elly drives while Liz hangs around the car.

    Jan 24 - Feb. 5, Beckers learns a lesson about the evils of going roadside (OK, admittedly, these were pretty entertaining strips -- in a weird, FBOFW way)

    Feb. 7 - 19, Liz teaches while Elly hangs around.

    Feb. 21 - March 5, frigging third-generation Patterson brats, Lovey gives it up for Michael

    March 7 - 9, an invitation to the pay-as-you-go baby shower arrives

    March 10 - 15, April hangs around the frigging third-generation Patterson brats

    March 16 - 26, a day at the MegaMart

    March 28 - 31, the pay-as-you-go baby shower

    April 1 -2, dog and bunny hijinks

    April 4- 8, April and dad converse in the kitchen

    April 9, oh my aching sphincter (season highlight)

    April 11- 31, let's talk about aging

    May 2 - ? , Mike & Dee move a few feet to a new apartment

    Let me second that big YAWWWWWN

    6:03 AM  
    Anonymous Deanna said...

    Zigibot, if you're so bored we could use your help moving!

    Just kidding, but I really must take issue with that last statement of yours! We moved not just a few feet-- we moved almost 20 meters! We had to walk up a flight of stairs, and partway ! All with two small...well, actually my mother in law took care of our children, but still, we had to haul all their stuff up with us! Except for the stuff Lawrence grabbed. And you know, it was just so trying! My mother wanted to "help" with the kids (you know how she is!), but luckily Mike stepped in and told her "No thank you and good day!" in his stern Patterson baritone for me. She's so controlling! Good thing I have Mike around to stick up for me, I don't know what I'd do without him. Oh, what's that sweetie? Of course I'll bring you a soda! The mop too, you say? No, no, I'm not upset, cleaning's my job. You can tell because I have ovaries!

    Well, zigibot, I have to get going (it's so much work, this moving! As Lovey would say "Oy! My aching pleytse!") but I hope I've cleared that all up for you!

    7:53 PM  
    Anonymous Peaches said...

    It obviously didn't occur to the second generation of Patterson idiots to just sleep on the boxspring and mattress and put the bed frame together in the morning. Foobs.

    8:20 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Zig You forgot the highlight of Grampa's very strange wet dream!

    8:21 PM  
    Anonymous Kitty said...

    OMG! I forgot all about that! That was such a strange Sunday strip...

    8:35 AM  
    Anonymous DrBear said...

    And in the May 10 one, add Michael's reference to "not sleeping" on the squeaky bed. Hmmm...

    Also check the expression on D's face...
    1. "But we already have our two kids. I was supposed to wait 10 years for the third one like your mom!

    2. "Mike just referred to s-e-crooked lines in front of people!"

    3. "Once again, he embarasses me!"

    1:42 PM  
    Anonymous Buzz Dixon said...

    And today (the 11th) noisy downstairs retiree sex.


    7:44 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No, the downstairs neighbors are banging on the ceiling because (presumably) they think Mike and Dee are having noisy sex.

    8:18 AM  

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