Feeling Fahrvergnugen

Well this is a shocker: According to both the Yiddish Dictionary Online and Ectaco Online Dictionary, Lovey’s “schmutzic” and “ungevorfen” appear not to be real Yiddish phrases. So, for those keeping score at home: Teen lingo: Too busy, can’t get the real words. Yiddish vocabulary: Don’t be such a nudge. (Checked it – that is a real Yiddish term.) Dental terms: 100% accuracy.

Looks like we are in for a week of "poor, put upon Michael Patterson" strips. First, Mikey’s ex-roommate forces him to clear out his crap years after he's moved out of their apartment. Then, poor Michael must endure the indignity of watching Deana clean their old apartment. And, now, he must suffer the pain of his new, Lovey-subsidized abode not being fit for King Patterson.

(Actually, the villain of today’s piece would seem to be Lovey, rather than the unnamed ex-tenants. Upon exit, don’t renters customarily return their keys and don’t landlords do a walkthrough of the property? Today’s strip implies this is the first time Lovey is seeing this balagen -- it’s Yiddish for “mess.” Unlike Lynn, I looked it up.)

In such an unjust world, small wonder that, in their arguments, Deanna apparently advocates buying weapons for little children.

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    Anonymous tully monster said...

    And here I thought the former tenants of the Pattersons' new apartment would be French-Canadian. Turns out that they're that particularly scummy lower-life form, that threat to all that is good and decent in the world--university professors! For shame! Who knows--maybe they're a monstrous hybrid of both--maybe they're--gasp--deconstructionists!

    Whatever their specialty, nothing demonstrates that we're jus'plain folks, unlike those hoity-toity, filthy, squalid academicians, like a lame punchline.

    Lynn Johnston is now on my permanent shit list. What happened, did one of her kids get a B because a mean professor wouldn't let them make up a test that they'd missed because they were out partying the night before? This must be her revenge.

    7:05 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well, give her credit: At least she got "oy" right.

    7:26 AM  
    Blogger Stacy said...

    I've never heard "ungevorfen," but "shmutzics" is legit. It really does mean "dirty" in Yiddish.

    The Yiddish Dictionary Online spells it "shmutsik," though, and I'm sure that's a better transliteration than the one LJ used.

    (Also, I don't know if it is proper Yiddish grammar for Lovey to turn the adjective form into a plural noun like she did, but it is accurate to how a lot of older, Yiddish-influenced Jews speak.)

    9:09 AM  
    Anonymous WoodrowFan said...

    The only reason she made them professors was so she could work in that LAME "class" pun. Pretty sad work Lynn.....

    9:17 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Lynn Johnston: Have you ever noticed that men always leave the toilet seat up?

    That's the joke.

    10:24 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My Yiddish isn't all that great--I'm a shiksa--- but I think she's saying they're dirty, trashy people. Slobs. She should have called them treiff (sp) which is a real put down of messy people. It means non-kosher food, and it's quite the insult to the cleanliness impaired.

    3:46 PM  

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