In the Mind of Lynn Johnston

"I know what I'll do to get those bloggers off my back. They make fun of my April storylines, my Michael and Deanna plots, my Grandpa Jim arcs and, worst of all, they ridicule the Mtigwakis and my beloved Elly's sphincter. I'll show them. I'll create a storyline so devoid of any interest that they'll have nothing to say for a week, shrivel up and die."

Check...and mate.

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    Anonymous A Bunker said...

    John has his second (third? fourth?) midlife crisis: Worst.....episode.....EVER!

    2:01 PM  
    Anonymous Lollygag Betty said...

    Yeah, it seems like all his character has been degraded to is puttering around moaning about his midlife crises. I know this is written in Lynn's perspective, but does she even HAVE a real husband? :)

    8:49 AM  
    Blogger Stacy said...

    How many times will the man have to buy a mid-life-crisis car? Jeebus.

    12:53 PM  
    Blogger Visaman666 said...

    Yes her husband is named Ron, and he is a dentist.

    3:30 AM  

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