Supportive Spouse

So, let's get this straight. John apparently has long conversations with Moira when Elly's not around. And, in those conversations, they both agree that Elly is running her business into the ground and she should sell it off. Small wonder that Moira would feel this way, what with Elly taking off weeks at a time and consigning business administration duties to her 13-year-old child. But, the fact that Dr. John is playing along with this -- and speculating at length with Moira about how Elly would be better off just owning the building instead of having anything to do with the store -- seems sort of peculiar.

Nice husbandly support there John. I bet after the conversations about what an inept businesswoman Elly was, he and Moira would sit around chuckling about Elly's sphincter.

Weird episodess like this make me wonder whether Lynn Johnston is intentionally trying to depict the Pattersons as a dysfunctional family. Or, if somehow the scenes she "draws" seem to her like normal life. Perhaps Lynn's pending retirement is due to the fact that her husband has convinced her that she would be happier handing off her enterprise and staying and looking after the home and her intenstinal tract. Hmm.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well, John confabbing with Moira explains his invisibility lately...but if Elly retires, she'll be around all the time, and why would he want that?

    6:19 PM  
    Anonymous Islamorada Girl said...

    Like Oprah, Lynn has made so much money she no longer has any idea how normal people live. Which would explain why she has to make up slang, make up tacky baby showers, and make up contrived storylines that make Mary Worth look like Desperate Housewives. Money changes everything, including a basic grasp on reality.

    6:49 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    To Islamorada girl: the phrase "foob noir" almost made coffee come out my nose!

    6:52 AM  
    Anonymous Hot Salami said...

    John wants Elly to retire so he has an easier time having his secret affair with Moira at the store.

    6:13 PM  

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