Welcome Spring

Be thankful for small favors:

  • No preachiness in today's FBoFW. A welcome break from the tedious soap opera that has become FBoFW, today's installment revives the old "tell a gag in four panels" format. Not that dogs bonking into hallway doors is exactly Monty Python-caliber humor. But, at least for today, there's a temporary cessation in the beatification of various Pattersons.

  • The creative team at FBoFW corporate seems to have resisted what surely was a mighty urge to insert into today's strip the phrase "April Foob's Day." Seriously, thank you.

  • Courtesy of commenters here and on the FOOBiverse blog, I and many others now know a new synonym for "mischevious." Thanks, dudes, you are soooo full of beans.

  • A new banner on the FBoFW home page says, "Welcome spring!" Nearly all of this month's letters to me declare the same thing. If Lynn Johnston doth decree winter weather to be over, it shall be. (Speaking of the FBoFW chartered web site, the creative staff there, with clearly too much time on its hands, has added yet another bizarre new feature: an expansive compendium of FBoFW secondary characters.)

  • The Sunday strip is only two days away! (Well, for me, the wait is only one day, since our local paper delivers the Sunday color insert on Saturday.) Please, let it be another wordless Grandpa/Iris makeout session. They are so full of beans. (Though, in this case, I really do mean they have a flatulence problem.)

  • Today's strip

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That compendium is so amazing. Moira Kinney : "Her goal is to create the perfect roast beef dinner with the minimum of effort." Eric Chamberlain: "After finishing university, Eric moved to Ottawa and continues to date. He works for a marketing agency in the vicinity of a parade of attractive temp workers." I simply could not imagine a better view into each and every character's head than this. Thank you, FBorW; now my life is complete.

    12:52 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I wish I worked for Lynn Johnston's creative team because I'd never have to fear an imminent layoff. If she runs out of work for me to do, I could suggest another feature to add to the website.

    "Hey, why not have monthly letters from Merrie and Robin?"

    "Ooh, let's make a Ned Tanner blog!"

    "Hey, whatever became of that patient in John's office in that September 1987 strip? Do you want me to do a write up on what he's doing now?"

    "How about a page instructing readers how to have an etiquette-sound, non-French-Canadian, FBOFW themed baby shower? I'll get cracking on the printable placecards and 'It's the thought that counted' thank you cards, stat!"

    2:24 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Everything I needed to Know I Learned from FBOFW

    -Model trains are fun!
    -Dogs do the wackiest things!
    -Old people have much to teach us.
    -Young girls shouldn’t dress like pole dancers!
    -Toddlers get into all kinds of mischief!
    -Gay men are snappy dressers and great dancers.
    -A Gary Larson-esque face and ‘stache is a great way to age a minor character.
    -Grandkids want love, not meaningless toys.
    -Retards have much to teach us.
    -Young couples often have a hard time making ends meet, even with great careers.
    -Even if you’re really old and have prunes for gonads, you can still enjoy sex.
    -As you age you grow in wisdom … but oh, those darned hot flashes!
    -Gay people have much to teach us, besides dressing and dancing.
    -It’s a mean stereotype that Jews only care about money, they just want good tenants.
    -Young, widowed moms who are the sole support of their young children are happy to work in a bookstore for minimum wage.
    -Young girls shouldn’t “go there”, or they’ll get a reputation as being “roadside.”
    -Never offer to buy your struggling kids anything; they want to make it on their own.
    -Native people have much to teach us.
    -French-Canadians are all about money.
    -It’s tacky to give or ask for money at a baby shower, even if the family just bought a house and will have one income to support their new baby.
    -Divorced parents result in wild teenage girls who “go there,” dress like “roadside gigs,” and make catty remarks.
    -French-Canadians have nothing to teach us.

    9:27 PM  

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