Sphincter Says What

Please, in response to today's strip about Elly's sphincter, enjoy this awkward silence.


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    Anonymous Islamorada Girl said...

    And now, a very special episode. . .

    An organ recital! Just when you think FBOFW can't get any cheesier, we get an organ recital about Elly's acid reflux!

    If this is autobiographical, then Lynn deserves every second of the agony of heartburn. She's certainly given us enough hard to swallow stuff recently.

    5:34 AM  
    Anonymous Zigibot said...

    I like to picture Lynn's syndicate rep's face when she dropped this strip off. "Really, Elly's sphincter? Do you think that's such a good idea?" "Kids LOVE sphincter puns. I tell ya, we're going to tap into that Far Side/Calvin & Hobbes market with this one!"

    8:15 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "A sphincter isn't something that can be fixed easily, so I'll have to learn to live with it. This is the 'new me'."

    Boy, that Canadian healthcare system really *does* suck.

    4:33 PM  
    Anonymous ellcee said...

    As if the hotflashes and armflaps weren't enough ...

    2:03 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That time travel strip is kinda creepy. Especially Elly's shoes. And again, it's attack of the ugly non-Pattersons!

    4:52 PM  
    Anonymous ellcee said...

    Hey, thanks for the link, I appreciate it!



    6:41 PM  
    Anonymous Nick said...

    Elly loves to use puns in her jokes. As a matter of fact, she would go so far as to say she is very punny.

    7:11 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well, we should all bow our heads in silence of Sunday's profound strip; once again, the Patterson couple have managed to throw the world's chaos (and our own) in our faces with a deft dishwasher argument.

    9:31 PM  
    Anonymous WoodrowFan said...

    More sphincters mule!!

    oops, sorry, wrong comics blog.

    4:33 PM  
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