Chicken Out....For Now

Though the likelihood of a 14 year old liking (or even recognizing) couscous deserves comment, that wasn't the most noticeable thing about today's FBoFW.

Rather, it was this disturbing image, embedded in today's strip. As Dr. John and April's "special" relationship continues to unfold, we are treated to this image -- a roast chicken lodged in the bent-over dentist's derriere, and April getting ready to do something with a load of grapes.

I guess it beats being...full of beans?

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'd imagine if you're 14 and raised on McDonalds and twinkies in your trailer, you'd not know couscous...

    5:46 AM  
    Blogger Dimestore Lipstick said...

    I've heard that argument from several people, but it all depends on what you are used to, I guess.
    If "Hot" roast chicken, salad, and couscous appears regularly on your table, it could well be one of your child's favorite meals.

    My 11-year-old niece is a huge fan of Tabouli, for instance--odd, given her ethnic background and geographic location, but her mom has a great recipe for it and has made it all of the kid's life, so she loves it.

    I was more surprised at a 14-year-old enthusiastically embracing the concept of "fruit for dessert"!

    6:07 AM  
    Anonymous A. Caine said...

    I was not raised on McDonalds and Twinkies. We didn't live in a trailer. I'm certain I didn't know what couscous was when I was 14. Of course, that was 25 years ago -- times change.

    What I thought was amusing was how Dad Patterson said he'd been grocery shopping. But, it looks like he just got carryout. That's not exactly the same as grocery shopping.

    7:13 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I knew what couscous was at 14 and loved it. I'll always love couscous, carb inhaler that I am. I love couscous so much I want to marry it. Couscous and chicken is a common meal in my home.

    But fruit for desert? I'd be like, "Mom!! What the heck is this?" and she would be like "Fruit for desert". I would be like, "No mom you don't understand, fruit is a snack not a desert" and she would say "The fruit is for on top of the desert" and I would be like. "Oh. Yeah."

    9:48 AM  
    Anonymous Charles said...

    I still can't get my head around the fact that John's introduced that he did the shopping because at his age, he needs to watch what he's eating, which generally means getting bland, healthy and generally unpleasant fare in order to watch out for fats, sugars, etc.

    And April comments that it's "good grub". "Oh boy! Skinless, flavourless dark meat chicken and unsalted boiled green vegetables! It beats the hell out of fried food and ice cream every day!"

    3:56 PM  
    Anonymous cherry said...

    Odd, on comics.com, they had a different (read: bizarre), "racier" strip featuring April pretending to be pregnant by shoving her rabbit in her shirt. LJ continues to outdo herself, furthering the boundaries of insanity.

    9:30 PM  
    Blogger mike said...

    Cherry, that was Saturday's bizarro strip. Most teens worry about sexually transmitted disease. Apparently, April needs to be concerned about rabies.

    8:07 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Love your blog! I heard about you today in the Raleigh News & Observer!


    6:53 AM  
    Anonymous Wild and Krazy said...

    The more I read of Elly and John, the more I sense that Lynn Johnston is clinically depressed to be in her 50s...and it seems like there could be so much more to it. But the character development in FBOW has dropped to the level of Cathy--minus women running around going "ACK!"

    8:26 AM  

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