Another Moment of Awkward Silence....

...As we contemplate the subtext of today's installment: Mike married his mother.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well, Liz is going to marry either a helicopter pilot or a dentist, so there you go.

    Who's April going to marry---a train engineer?

    6:29 AM  
    Anonymous ellcee said...

    Liz is going to marry Anthony, who bears a striking resemblance to dear old dad right around the missing nutsack.


    9:16 AM  
    Anonymous chats_noirs said...

    Liz is going to marry Dr. Morsel: he looks like Warren, has odd facial hair a la Anthony, and is a dentist just like dear old Dad.

    9:50 AM  
    Anonymous thereserocks said...

    Ooh, I'm with chats_noirs. I totally never thought of that before, but it makes perfect sense if you use Patterson Logic. I think April might be the wildcard, marriage-wise. Grampa and Elly's brother are both musicians, so I think she might end up with one. They'll meet in some totally breddarzella (it means cheesy...you take brie an' cheddar an' mozzarella an' put 'em together!) way, like at Liz's wedding:

    DR MORSEL'S YOUNGER BROTHER: April, would you like to dance?

    APRIL: Okay. I'm in a band.

    DMYB: Me too! Let's get married!

    APRIL: I dunno, my parents are selling the house to my brother, an' besides, you don't even have artsy facial hair like your brother...

    DMYB: No, I don't. But dammit, I love this family and I must be a part of it! Besides, we can live in your brother's old apartment. I hear Lovey won't rent to anyone but Pattersons, so it'll be perfect!

    APRIL: Okay. It'll be totool!

    DMYB: Excuse me?

    APRIL: Totool, you foob! It's "totally cool" to shorten words an' smoosh them together to make slang!

    10:20 AM  
    Anonymous ellcee said...

    Well, I suppose chances are good that she could marry Dr. Morsel (and LOL, ThereseRocks!) but I still have the feeling she'll end up with Anthony. High school sweethearts, finding their way back to each other and all that puke. As for April -- maybe she'll end up with Becky.


    6:46 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Liz and Anthony will only hook up iof Therese dies in a horrible car crash. No divorces in FOOBville!

    8:32 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    April will marry Duncan. Interracial thing you know.

    5:56 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think Duncan might bat for the other team. Check his picture on the "Who's Who" page at the official FOOB site.

    6:08 PM  
    Anonymous marciamarcia said...

    Oh come on, people. April is totally going to marry that former school bully who tried to beat her up all the time, but then she saved his life, and recently (in Foobiverse time, 6 months ago) we discovered that he's not a "bad kid," he just acts out because his father is in a band and never sees him.


    Also, does anyone remember what the Patterhouse looks like? I don't remember it being all that freakin' fantastic. Isn't it just an average 80s split-level suburban home? Or has it secretly morphed into a crazy bungalow dream cottage?

    2:06 PM  

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