Rejoinders from Elly

"When you were a teenager you couldn't wait to move out of this house. Now 10 years later you want one just like it. Strange”

“You bought a car 5 years ago. Now you claim you need another one. Odd.”

“When you were a baby, you insisted that your corn be served strained. Now, when I serve it to you that way, you hardly eat it. Curious.”

“You bought a printer cartridge last week. Now this week, you would rather buy paper. Peculiar.”

“Yesterday after dinner you said you were full. Now this morning you say you are hungry again. Weird.”

“Last night you couldn't wait to flush the toilet. Now you want to fill it with pee again. Wacky.”

“When you were little, you said it was creepy to share a bed with a mother. Now you sleep with one almost every night. Ponderous.”

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    Anonymous A Bunker said...

    Right, ma. I said, I couldn't wait to move out. I didn't say I disliked the house. The house is great. It was something..or someone..in the house I needed to get away from. Not the house. The house is great. So's dad, Liz, April, the dogs, the bunny, the two chickens and pet ferret. Great. But I could never live here. Love the house though. Get my drift?

    5:38 AM  

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