Thanks for the Reminder, Elly...

Because, without today's concluding thought bubble, we might have momentarily forgotten that the senior Pattersons' reward for all their overflowing goodness is having more money and property than they know what to do with.

Let them slurp soup!

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    Anonymous A Bunker said...

    For those of you scoring at home:

    --Deana good: She cleans the apartment.
    --Michael good: He was going to give his friends pizza and beer!
    --Elly good: She takes care of the grandkids, and she's at the ready with food and lodging for her son (who, remember, is also quite good) when he's tired and hungry. He doesn't even have to ask!
    --Lovey so-so: Sure, she provided a cheap apartment, but she didn't make any effort to make it clean. But, heck, we can't stay mad at her because she's so loveably ethnic. You go schmootzie!
    --Professors bad: They make messes and don't care what people think of them. (Bet they throw out those class evaluation forms without even looking at them.)

    Now together we say: All praise the Pattersons. Thanks be to Lynn Johnston for creating them in her divine image. Amen.

    9:15 AM  
    Anonymous Gryph said...

    My theory is that Ly-er Ellie, is going to give Michael et al. the house and move into their apartment, causing April much angst, and with less room, they won't be able to have three cars, upsetting John and giving Ellie another reason to complain. When Lovey finds herself saddled with Ellie as a neighbor, knocking on her door constantly, wanting to have tea and talk about being old, she will suddenly discover that she can't afford to give the good neighbor discount any more, and will up the rent. The Pattersons will be so offended that they move back with Michael and Deana to the house, creating chaos and wacky hijinks. Lovey, meanwhile, will fall and be eaten by her cats. Or have we done that already?

    9:51 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I just hope poor Mike and Dee will be able to sleep with Elly's loud sphincter gurgling away in the next room.

    2:31 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Pattersons have a healthy, Protestant work ethic, thus their financial comfort is a true indicator of their goodness.

    But don't marry a rich man, like Deanna's Mom. That's bad. She didn't work for her money, thus she is corrupted.

    Yes, definitely earn your money through hard work, not through demanding cash at your baby shower!

    11:06 PM  
    Anonymous nsp said...

    Can anyone tell me what the hell point Michael is trying to make when he says, "I wish we didn't have to move... but with four of us in that apartment, we just ran out of rooms!"?
    Aren't they not paying the same rent for the larger place? Didn't he and Deanna PLAN on having another kid this time around? Are he and Deanna TOTAL IDIOTS? They couldn't predict their one bedroom apartment was going to be even more cramped with a new addition to the family? How freakin' hard is it to move upstairs? Cleaning aside, would it really involve packing and unpacking their belongings just to move them up a flight of steps? Couldn't the move have been made over the course of a week, or even two, if they needed and wanted to?

    AUUGH! I've concluded that Lynn is now maliciously torturing her readers. Either that, or she has totally lost touch with the reality so many young couples today face. I mean, how many families who are just starting out wouldn't love to trade their problems for the "problems" of Mike and Deanna?
    At this point, I'm hoping a group of gangsta rappers who feel the need to practice at full volume into the wee hours of the morning move into Mike and Deanna's old apartment. If Mike and Deanna complain, they should be told, "What are you? A bunch of RACISTS?!"

    Lynn, I know you're planning on retiring soon. But why in the world do you have to make your readership groan so? Have some compassion, why don't you?
    And while you're at it, MORE KORTNEY! And let April go Goth!

    11:25 PM  
    Anonymous oysterback said...

    Oh, holy apparition in a salt stain in some underpass in the midwest!
    St. Elly is going to move herself, John and April into Milsboro Retirement Arms with Grampa and Iris and give Mike and Dee the house! No martyrdom too painful for our girl!

    2:53 PM  

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