The Odd Quintent

By Zigibot
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From Sunday's megastrip: If you need more evidence the Pattersons/Johnstons are one strange crew, consider frame 7: "I found this pearl necklace in the closet." In this house (a) it's not unusual for a teen to be rooting around in closets (since John's reaction is not "Hey, what the f*** were you doing in my closet?" but rather a triangular smile in profile); (b) it's not unusual for parents to stash expensive jewelry in the closet (since April's reaction seems to be, "Oh look daddy, I found another several-hundred dollar piece of gift lying around unopened"); and (c) John apparently buys so much women's jewelry he can't even keep track of it (I bet if we could see his thought bubble it would say, "I was going to give this to Dr. Everett, but I guess I'll give it to my mother...er, wife instead.")

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