You Expect Different from a Shiksa?

By Zephyra
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As the daughter of a Jewish mother (and the granddaughter of a Jewish grandmother, and so on and so forth), I can say with authority that today's strip is staggering in the amount of cognitive dissonance it's giving me. In the first panel, we have Lovey exclaiming in the most Jewish way possible. Then in panels two, three, and four, she absolves Deanna of most of the blame for allowing her young daughter to play unsupervised on the stairs. Lynn has apparently never been introduced to the concept of Jewish guilt. A Jewish mother's tirade would've started with the lack of a baby gate on those stairs and gone until she ran out of steam around "next thing you know, little Robin will roll off the changing table, God forbid."

  • Oy, today's strip

    Blogger mike said...

    In film there's a technique called, I think, "montage," associated with Eisenstein and Hitchcock. The filmmaker shows you two distinct images, and your mind's eye imagines a third -- for example, in Psycho, where you see the knife, and you see the wounds, but you imagine the penetration.

    In that spirit, my mind's eye imagines what happens between frame 1 and frame 2. In the first frame, Lovey is holding Young Robin(TM). In Frame 2, she's examining Meredith, while Young Robin(TM) writhes on the floor. There's no break in dialogue.

    So, I imagine that upon Dee's return, Lovey flung Young Robin(TM) on the floor and immediately tended to Meredith. And then, for some reason, Deanna hands him a dog's chew toy.

    Also, don't you just dread the umpteen retellings of this story's in June's letters from the Patteson. Elly: "I guess you've all heard about Merrie's little accident." Dr. John: "Meredith broke her arm, but Deanna is the one who is scarred." Mike: "We had a tough break -- literally." Liz: "As a teacher, I'm used to seeing kids with cuts, bruises, casts and stitches." April: "Becky is soooo roadside." Edgar: "Woof." Jim: "I'm not dead! Don't close the lid! Help! Can anyone hear me!?"

    2:38 PM  
    Anonymous Peaches said...

    I'm a shiksa, and I want Lovey Saltzman to be my bubbe yenta grandma! I want her to run my entire life as my housekeeper and social secretary. She's wasted on those Patterson dorks.They're a chanda for the WASPS.

    4:47 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mike, you are so on the money with those monthly letter predictions!

    11:55 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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