My Car-Buying Checklist, by Elly P.

I tell you, girls, picking out a new car is not an easy decision. Personally, I'm just as happy to have my man handle this along with the other traditional male chores (mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, financially supporting the family, building elaborate model train sets). But, I've decided to strike a blow on behalf of women everywhere by playing an equal-decision-making role in the purchase of my new car. Many of you have written asking me what types of things we women should look for when we buy a car, since, of course, there's no possible way we can be expected to understand mechanical specifications, gas economy and so on.

Here are some things all us ladies should be on the lookout for:

  • Is it in a color I really like? (Be sure to check: Is it available with pink interior?)
  • Will cupholders support both coffee AND tea mugs? (I like herbal tea best. Mmmm.)
  • Can it handle corners at the mall?
  • Is there adeqaute clearance between the ceiling and the top of my hair bun?
  • Is glove compartment big enough to accommodate crafting supplies?
  • Will it be easy to maneuver into tight parking space at Jazzercise place?
  • Is there a good space to stow extra pairs of earrings?
  • Does drivers-side seat support sitting side-saddle?
  • Is there enough room in the back seat for nurturing?
  • Can I get vanity lights around the rear-view mirror?
  • Is there storage space for menopause supplies?
  • Can manifold be used as extra oven? (for Canadian Thanksgiving time)
  • Will it look good with my personalized "SuperMom" license plates?

  • Today's strip (for the ladies)

    Anonymous A Bunker said...

    And just how HUGE is this behomoth the Pattersons are purchasing? Judging by frame 4 in today's strips, it appears to be at least 5 trees long. That should leave plenty of room for nurturing!

    11:00 AM  
    Anonymous Sourbelly said...

    Most importantly, all Patterson vehicles must hover, at a jaunty angle, about a foot off the ground at all times.

    7:19 PM  
    Anonymous Oysterback said...

    The Crevasse should be big enough to stash the bodies of the Kelpfroths when the time comes to dispose of them.

    8:13 PM  
    Anonymous islamorada girl said...

    Perhaps Elly is thinking ahead to time time when she and John can give the house to Mike and Dee and live in their giant SUV.

    8:16 PM  

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